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Did a friend or family member give you a used computer? Do you wish to give your computer to someone else or do you simply want a new start with it? A system restore is a good idea no matter what the reason is. It will remove everything from the computer, including viruses, and resurrect it. We’ll restore the original factory image to your computer, making it as good as new. We can also back up your vital files before restoring them, as well as optimize the computer for best performance afterward.

Backup and optimization with restoration

System Restore will erase everything on the computer and restore it to its original factory settings. We can surely back up crucial files on your computer before restoring the system if you don’t want to lose them. Second, the computer will always have garbage apps and trialware loaded by the manufacturer after the restoration. All of these unnecessary programs will be removed and cleaned, and new, updated programs will be installed in their place.

What Is the Purpose of System Restore?

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