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We Service All Brands And Types Of Computers

We Service All Brands And Types Of Router

Take advantage of the advantages and convenience of having a secure wireless home network. Say goodbye to wires and being confined to a workstation, and surf the web from wherever in your home with your laptop. Setup, network security, setup, and file sharing for printers, PCs, and other network devices are all things we can help with. We’ll take care of everything; all you have to do now is relax and enjoy yourself! Everyone in your house can now be online at the same time, thanks to one super-fast wireless connection. A home network is nothing more than a way for computers to connect with one other.

What is the purpose of having a wireless network?

Is Your Wi-Fi Network Protected? What if I told you... 90% of families don't protect their wifi signals, putting themselves at risk of identity theft and hacking.

Unsecured networks can threaten your computer and your personal life by allowing strangers to use your internet connection to obtain unauthorized music, movies, or software. This does not harm the infiltrated network directly, but it can delay Internet or network access.
Another major issue is that an unauthorized user could use your connection for harmful purposes such as hacking, conducting a denial-of-service attack, or spreading illicit content. Because the intruder is a member of the private network and resides behind the gateway device, all traffic between him and the Internet seems to originate from the public IP address your ISP issued to you.
Having an unprotected network is essentially a backdoor into your private network. The intruder connects straight to the network on the private side of the gateway device, circumventing any hardware firewall between the private network and the broadband modem.
Most individuals believe that because their private network is protected by a gateway device with a built-in firewall, they may relax their guard, share drives, and be irresponsible.

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